🌐 TopoEmbedX (TEX) 🍩#

TopoEmbedX (TEX) is a Python package for representation Learning on Topological Domains. Topological domains are the natural mathematical structures representing relations between the components of a dataset.


Many natural systems as diverse as social networks and proteins are characterized by relational structure. This is the structure of interactions between components in the system, such as social interactions between individuals or electrostatic interactions between atoms. How can we conveniently represent data defined on such relational systems? TopoEmbedX (TEX) is a package for representation learning on topological domains, the mathematical structures of relational systems.

🛠️ Main Features#

Support of higher order representation learning algorithms such as:

  • DeepCell,

  • Cell2Vec,

  • Higher Order Laplacian Eigenmaps, and

  • Higher Order Geometric Laplacian Eigenmaps,

for the topological domains supported in TopoNetX.

🔍 References#

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